Code Product Unit Notes
MOU 01 020 Ambersil Formula 10 Dry Film Non Silicone Release Agent 400ml

FORMULA TEN is a dry, non-silicone mould release agent.

Containing fluorinated resins as the active release component, it has been formulated for injection and compression mouldings and is particularly effective for use with thermosetting plastics.

Provides a dry, non-silicone film for quick and effective release of thermosetting plastics such as polyurethane,epoxy resins and polyesters. The dry film will not build up in the mould and helps to improve surface finish, reduce rejects and increase production.

N.B. The product is completely free of silicones and will therefore allow decorative treatment (e.g. painting, plating) of the moulded part.

SKA 13 038 Sika Pasty Wax 818 Release Agent 450g Sika Pasty Wax 818. For use with epoxy and polyurethane gel-coats and casting resins in model making.can also be used for sealed or lacquered and metallic surfaces in model making for mould release.
Pasty, for application by brush or cloth
Drying to a colourless film, good polishing e. g. by cotton cloth
SKA 13 019 0.71kg
SKA 13 022 3.55kg
MOU 01 000B Burnco 506 RA 1L Solvent based liquid. Also suitable as a foundry release
MOU 01 001B 5L
MOU 01 002B Blue Mould Burnco RA 1kg PVA based release
MOU 01 003 Cilchem Silicon RA 500ml Silicone based aerosol for releasing epoxy and PU systems
MOU 01 004 Macwax RA – Aerosol Solvent based wax release
MOU 01 007 Mirror Glaze 311g Soft wax polish
MOU 01 010 Hi-Temp Wax 340g Wax polishing compound for use with resins at higher temperatures (150-350 deg. F)
MOU 01 013 *Mould Cleaner for Hi-Temp Wax 1 Gallon
MOU 01 012 Hi-Temp Mould Release 1 Gallon Fast cure sealer and release system for use in temperatures in excess of 700 deg. F
MOU 01 008 Traffic Wax Liquid 5L
SKA 19 010 Sikamold Sealer 1L Sealer for sealing microporosity in GRP, resin and metal moulds
SKA 19 020 Sikamold Cleaner 1L Cleaner for cleaning all GRP, resin and metal moulds
SKA 19 030 Sikarelease LG 1L Semi Permanent release agent for GRP, resin and metal moulds
MOU 06 000 JBB Epoxy Board Cleaner 5L Cleaner for removing release agents etc from sealed high temp epoxy board
REN 08 203 QZ5111 0.75kg
MOU 07 000 JBB Styling Release 1L Release agent for Polydur from styling clays