John Burn offers a wide variety of ancillary products to complement our range of resin and board materials.


A comprehensive range of mineral fillers including aluminium oxide filler, slate powder, aluminium powder and granules and marble flour.

Release agents

A wide range including wax, silicone and PVA release agents for brush and aerosol application.

Carbon fibre fabrics & vacuum bagging

A range of materials for wet lay up, pre-preg & infusion.


An excellent range of high quality fibreglass fabrics including chopped strand, woven roving, Cotech fabrics and tubing.

Glass Fibre

  Code Product Unit Notes FIB 01 300 Chopped Strand Mat 300g 36″ wide approx. 36kg Emulsion bound, with excellent drapability and moulding performance FIB 01 450 Chopped Strand Mat 450g 36″ wide approx. 36kg FIB 01 600 Chopped Strand Mat 600g 36″ wide approx. 36kg FIB 02 004 Chopped Strands 3mm 20kg Glass fibres FIB 02 006 Chopped Strands ... Read More


  Code Product Unit Colour Notes MOU 02 010 Plaster Sealer G4 500g Seals damp out with a non-porous plastic coating that is hard wearing, tough and flexible REN 08 105 DY 5054 1kg Epoxy Foaming Agent REN 08 103 *5kg SKA 12 100 Sikamoll 10kg Colourless Additive for PU systems to increase flexibility. Also for lubricating and cleaning PU ... Read More

Mineral Fillers

  Code Product Unit Notes SKA 16 100 Extender T (Stellmittel T) Thixotropic agent 1kg Thickening agent for Biresin Epoxy and Polyurethane resin systems FIL 01 000B FRF5 Burnco Filler 25kg Alumininum oxide powder for filling resin systems, especially polyurethanes FIL 01 001 Aluminium Powder 25kg Additive for epoxies FIL 01 002B Aluminium Granules 25kg For back filling FIL 01 ... Read More


  Code Product Unit Notes SKA 12 010 Colour paste – Black 0.5kg For colouring of colourless or light epoxy and PU systems SKA 12 020 Colour paste – Blue 0.5kg SKA 12 030 Colour paste – Green 0.5kg SKA 12 040 Colour [paste – Red 0.5kg SKA 12 050 Colour paste – White 0.5kg SKA 12 060 Colour paste ... Read More


  Code Product Notes FIB 07 005 Roller – Laminating Paddle 70 x 21mm For laminating FIB 07 010 Roller – Laminating Steel 2″ x 3/8″ FIB 07 011 Roller – Laminating Steel 70 x 15mm  

Release Agents

  Code Product Unit Notes MOU 01 020 Ambersil Formula 10 Dry Film Non Silicone Release Agent 400ml FORMULA TEN is a dry, non-silicone mould release agent. Containing fluorinated resins as the active release component, it has been formulated for injection and compression mouldings and is particularly effective for use with thermosetting plastics. APPLICATIONS Provides a dry, non-silicone film for ... Read More