Code Product Unit Notes
LEA 02 001B *Leather Fillet No.1 1/16″ Made on site. Forms a perfect radius in any angle and will follow the most complex curves. Ultra-thin uniform edge is non-existent after rubbing in with our Fillet Rubbers. Supplied in 15 metre bundles.
LEA 02 002B Leather Fillet No.2 1/8″
LEA 02 003B Leather Fillet No.3 3/16″
LEA 02 004B Leather Fillet No.4 1/4″
LEA 02 005B Leather Fillet No.5 5/16″
LEA 02 006B Leather Fillet No.6 3/8″
LEA 02 008B Leather Fillet No.8 1/2″
LEA 02 010B Leather Fillet No.10 5/8″
LEA 02 012B Leather Fillet No.12 3/4″