New Synthene Rapid Prototyping Resins Available from John Burn Ltd

John Burn & Co Ltd Synthene PR7 Series

John Burn & Co Ltd Synthene PR7 Series

John Burn Ltd, specialist distributor of materials for the composites and foundry industries is pleased to announce availability of the new Synthene PR7 Series.

The Synthene PR7 Series is comprised of three rapid prototyping resins – PR740, PR752 and PR777. Each of these resins are a variation of Synthene PR700, a best selling material worldwide.

PR740 is an incredibly flexible polyurethane resin for the prototyping of PP/HDPE products. This mercury free alternative to PR891 has been designed to offer enhanced colourability, improved homogeneity and a better mixing ratio. PR740 is advantageous for use with semi-flexible parts requiring high impact resistance and mechanically demanding applications such as car bumpers and living hinges. PR740 has been created in accordance with REACH 2017.

PR752 is a polyurethane vacuum casting resin and the best performing material within the PR7 Series thanks to its 150°C HDT thermal resistance. This property has been developed with an odour-masking agent to ensure user comfort. A good counter type of ABS-HT and PEEK, PR752 is a unique material encompassing excellent colourability, good chemical resistance and a low aggressiveness on polyaddition silicone moulds.

PR777 is a polyurethane resin with an intermediary rigidity of 1000 Mpa. An alternative to HDPE and PP, PR777 is a strong material suitable for use with mechanically stressed parts for applications where a semi-flexible part which can achieve high impact resistance is essential. For users who desire a colourable resin with a long pot-life, short demoulding time and 1:1 mix ratio, PR777 can be assured to be an effective choice.

The new Synthene PR700 Series is available to purchase from John Burn Ltd immediately. Please contact to enquire.

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