New Lower Prices!

New lower prices for the UP! Plus 2 – now only £1065.00 (ex-VAT) inc carriage. Available via Resins-Online or direct at John Burn.



Download the UP! Plus 2 Product PDF

It’s here – the all new UP! Plus 2 personal printer. Now with a fully automatic platform levelling and height calibration the Up! Plus 2 is one of the smartest and most user-friendly printers currently on the market. A compact, portable printer with a sturdy frame the Up! Plus 2 is a fantastic 3D printer for those on a tighter budget, but don’t want to compromise on part quality. This 3D printer is the ideal machine for those with little or no extensive expertise in technological ‘tinkering’. A resolution of 0.15mm (150 microns) ensures the Up! Plus 2 is still one of the most accurate desk-top 3D printers available on the market at this low price.

Available via the UP! Plus 2 3D Printer is a compact and lightweight desktop 3D printer at an affordable price. Supplied with user-friendly software and one reel of ABS material, the UP! Plus 2 3D Printer has everything you need to quickly convert your 3D designs into durable, working models. Taking less than 1 hour from opening the packaging to printing your first creation, the UP! Plus 2 3D Printer has been credited for its ease-of-set-up and the high resolution of the 3D prints it produces.

Your UP! Plus 2 – 3D printer

  •  700G / 1 spool ABS filament
  •  Power adapter
  •  3 cellboards
  •  Tool kit

The Up! Is defined by the movement of its print-bed across the YZ plane accompanied with the print-head movement in the X plane. The temperature of the print nozzle is varied depending on which material is being extruded (ABS 260-270°C, PLA 200°C) this ensures the correct conditions for the material is met meaning the part being printed has the optimal finished result. The print-bed itself is perforated so that extruded materials melt into the holes, which forms a firm level base with which the print object builds from.

Simply connect your Up! Plus 2 to any computer via an open USB port (please note that the computer must be running either Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac. Once the print settings have been sent to your Up! Plus 2 you can then disconnect your computer leaving the printer to continue printing the 3D part without being ‘tethered’.

Supplied with a spool of user-friendly ABS filament the UP! Plus 2 3D printer is good to go once unboxed. Being very easy to set-up this 3D printer takes less than one hour to go from opening the packaging to printing your first creation! The UP! Plus 2 has been widely credited throughout the market for its ease and speed of set-up along with the high resolution 3D parts that it produces.

Software for the Up! Plus 2 is readily available to download free of charge from the PP3DP website. This software is highly compatible with the Up! producing a user-friendly interface with allows even novice 3D-ers to easily tweak the support and fill settings of the 3D printer.

The software consists of the following specifications:

  •   Resolution setting of (0.15 – 0.4mm)
  •   Choice of 4 object densities and now a completely hollow “shell” option can be produced
  •   Print setting, Choose between Fine, Normal or Fast printing options
  •   Variable raft settings
  •   Support angle and density adjustments
  •   The user can now pause the 3D print at a certain height
  •   Shell printing on Mac is now available
  •   Thin surface printing
  •   “Fix” function identifies any surfaces which have been inverted during the design stage and allows the user to repair any flaws at the click of a button

Various bug fixes and other usability improvements have been introduced

The printer comes with a 12-month warranty.

*Special offer subject to change at any time without prior warning.