Methyl Methacrylate adhesives for bonding carbon composites

John Burn has a range of Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives for bonding carbon composite substructures.

jbmethylJB5020 & JB5030 MMA adhesives are very versatile and can bond a wide variety of substrates, but are particularly effective at providing an excellent option when it comes to giving you the ultimate balance of mechanical strength and impact resistance whilst remaining simple and quick to use.

JB5020 & JB5030 Black MMA cartridges available in 50ml & 200ml
Typical applications
  • Metal fasteners to moulded composite parts
  • Aluminium and stainless steel lettering in the sign manufacturing industry.
  • Automotive carbon fibre body panels
  • GRP in the marine industry
  • Dissimilar metals for trailer fabrication
Typical properties
  • Black MMA
  • 7 minutes open time @ 20°C
  • Gap fill up to 4mm
  • Temp range -50°C to 120°C

What are MMA’s? Methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA’s) are reactive acrylic adhesives that usually comprise of resin and an initiator (or a resin and hardener). They cure quickly at room temperature and strength development is rapid. Once cured, the material forms a strong thermoplastic with excellent resistance to shear, peel and impact stresses.  Most MMA adhesives contain rubber which helps give them these strength properties.