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Royal College of Art student, Hoe Young Hwang, designs the ‘Super Normal Bentley’, a concept vehicle that looks at the way the automotive industry tackles modern design technologies.

The ‘Super Normal’ Bentley

As part of his final year at the Royal College of Art, Vehicle Design student Hoe Young Hwang, embarked on a project that examined the way in which modern design techniques influence how automotive industry designers shape the cars of the future.
As part of John Burn’s continued effort to support young designers the company sponsored the project and provided SikaBlock® M700 modelling block for the production of the final concept model.

Hoe Young Hwang’s story

We live in an age where we can build a virtual model in CAD and 3D print it in less than a day – everything has become extremely fast and easy to achieve.


This current digital development has affected the automotive industry whereby car designs and shapes have more of a pinching plastic gesture. Although we enjoy the benefits of it sometimes we feel lost in this dizzying and breathless digital revolution.
The ‘Super Normal’ Bentley rebels against the ‘Absence of the Thinking Hand’. It is a modern-day hybrid of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement and hi-tech robotics technology. The craft comes in re-appropriating the traditional automotive craft of ‘English Wheeling’ and the tech in automating such craft. Due to the limitation of this sheet metal forming method the process enables the design of the vehicle to remain naturally generous in form and delivers true honesty in material thus defining the understated ‘Super Normal’ aesthetic quality so true to the essence of Bentley.

The journey started questioning the next regime after ‘Environmental Awareness’. The final responsibilty left for the automotive industry leaves the ‘Social Awareness’ part in its hands. The ‘Super Normal’ Bentley limits sourcing within the UK, where fair trades and ethical values are appreciated.

John Burn’s involvement

In partnership with Curvature, the company that produced the final model, John Burn was asked to recomend a material for the project that would help maximise the accuracy and quality of the concept design while allowing the model to be produced quickly and effciently.

SikaBlock® M700 was selected as the product with the optimum machining characteristics and highest quality surface finish. The M700 is predominantly used for the manufacture of master models with its high dimensional stability and very dense and fine surface finish. As a productM700 is easy to seal and excellent for painting.

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