John Burn is proud to represent a number of top manufacturing brands within the industry including Base Materials, Elantas Europe, RAMPF, Freeman, Sika Axson, Sia Abrasives, Synthene and Trelleborg.

To learn more about each of the manufacturing brands we supply, and their respective product ranges, please click on the links below.


John Burn & Co Rampf


RAMPF Tooling Brochure


John Burn supplies Sheet Wax and Wax Fillet products from Freeman Manufacturing Company. Freeman Sheet Wax is used primarily to simulate metal or part thickness when making metal forming dies or punches, resin transfer moulds (RTM), or any two part moulds requiring uniform part thickness.  Freeman Sheet Wax is available from John Burn in three formulations; No. 266 Thermo-Stable          No. ... Read More

Sika Axson

Sika Axson was established in 2016 following Sika AG’s acquisition of Axson Technologies. The newly formed entity Sika Axson focuses on block materials and model pastes, vacuum casting resins, RIM Systems, EP and PUR casting resins, elastomer casting resins and structural adhsives. John Burn is the principal distributor of SikaAxson tooling products within the UK. Sika Axson Tooling And Composites

Sia Abrasives

John Burn is an official distributor of Sia Abrasives, a world leading manufacturer of abrasive products. Sia Abrasives Keyseries Sia Abrasives Sanding Solutions


Synthene® is a leading actor in formulating chemicals, thanks to its dynamic research & development laboratory and highly efficient production unit. John Burn are the sole UK distributor of Synthene polyurethane vacuum casting resin systems. New formulas have been added to the PR7 Series, comprising of 4 prototyping resins, sharing the same isocyanate. These resins are particularly adapted to mimic ... Read More
Elantas Europe

Elantas Europe

John Burn is an official distributor of Elantas Europe,  a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation systems including resins and varnishes. All Elantas materials are available in various viscosities and are supplied ‘ready to use’, saving the end user time in making product modifications. Products within the Elantas range include: Polyester resins, Epoxy resins, Polyurethane resins, Alkyd resins, Silicone resins and ... Read More
Base Materials

Base Materials

Base Materials Brochure


John Burn is an official distributor of Trelleborg high performance tooling materials. Known for its commitment to innovation and development, Trelleborg has tailored its range of epoxy-based tooling boards to cater for all needs, from light modelling work through to high performance carbon fibre component production. Trelleborg Tooling Board Sheet Trelleborg Complimentary Equipment