John Burn manufactures a broad range of leather fillet, wax fillet & sheet wax.

Leather and wax fillet

Available in sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 1″. The leather fillet and a variety of fillet rubbers are manufactured on site at John Burn.

Sheet wax

Freeman thermo-stable, adhesive-backed wax is stocked in a wide range of both imperial and metric sizes. Sheet wax sealer can also be found in our range.


Sheet Wax

  Code Product Unit Notes REN 09 020 Sheet Wax 0.20mm (0.007″) 10 sheets Freeman sheet wax – adhesive backed, thermally stable (to 265°F/131°C), thickness tolerance within .001″. Adds material thickness to flat or contoured surfaces, not disturbed by exotherm of casting resins or plasters. Used widely in production of plastics, press tools, patterns, checking fixtures etc. REN 09 025 ... Read More

Fillet Rubbers

  Code Product Unit Notes LEA 01 020B Fillet Rubber – Small 3/16″ & 1/8″ Steel shaft, brass balls, both with complete nickel plated finish. For fixing fillets LEA 01 021B Fillet Rubber – Medium 5/16″ & 1/4″ LEA 01 022B Fillet Rubber – Large 1/2″ & 3/8″  

Leather Fillet

  Code Product Unit Notes LEA 02 001B *Leather Fillet No.1 1/16″ Made on site. Forms a perfect radius in any angle and will follow the most complex curves. Ultra-thin uniform edge is non-existent after rubbing in with our Fillet Rubbers. Supplied in 15 metre bundles. LEA 02 002B Leather Fillet No.2 1/8″ LEA 02 003B Leather Fillet No.3 3/16″ ... Read More

Wax Fillet

  Code Product Unit Notes REN 10 002B Wax Fillet 1/8″ 100ft Quick filleting medium, easy to apply, true to radius with no excess wax to be removed when rubbed in with the correct Fillet Rubber. REN 10 003B Wax Fillet 3/16″ 100ft REN 10 004B Wax Fillet 1/4″ 100ft REN 10 005B Wax Fillet 5/16″ 50ft REN 10 006B ... Read More